What’s In a Name? Buffalo Czech Pilsner

I spent nearly six years of my life working with and raising a live buffalo in Colorado.

On the TV show Wheel of Fortune, they have a category called “Before & After” where it could be two phrases that overlap a word or two. That is the case here. Among other things as well. Buffalo Check (Czech) is a thing and Czech Pilsner is a thing.

Buffalo Czech Pilsner has long rode as the top pony at Shaidzon. It was the first beer we ever brewed. It is a favorite among Shaidzon team members. It’s popular onsite and at restaurants and liquor stores around the state. There are a few things going on with the name, and it relates to the pattern on the can.

Buffalo: I went to the University of Colorado, who are the Buffaloes. While in college, I ran the school’s live buffalo mascot, Ralphie. This important aspect of Chip’s life inspired having a beer with “buffalo” in its name.

Czech: The pilsner beer style originated in the Czech Republic. Specifically in the city of Pilsen. You can see where the beer style’s name comes from with that.

Buffalo Check: Buffalo Check is a style of flannel shirt. It is the common red and black flannel. The patchwork of two main colors and their intersecting piece as well. This style is rumored to have originated out of nearby Fall River, MA. It is common to find Shaidzon team members wearing buffalo check flannels as part of their usual personal styles. I wear buffalo check flannel quite a bit myself. We made a play on the term incorporating that we wanted to use the word “buffalo”, the style is from “Czech” and we wear our good share of flannel shirts.

Czech Pilsner: If you drop out the “Buffalo” it could stand alone as a beer name and a full style that could play as the beer name.

We love our Buffalo Czech Pilsner and we hope you do too.

Chip Samson