Our Policies

Shaidzon Beer Co. Policies:

Kid friendly: Although you must be 21 years of age or older to drink or purchase beer, people under 21 are welcome at Shaidzon. We have games and children's books on-site as well.

Food Policy: Bring your own food in. Enjoy the various food vendors that we bring to Shaidzon. Order food delivered right to your table (ie. Twisted Pizza in Exeter). You may not bring in outside alcoholic beverages, but you are welcome to bring in outside non-alcoholic beverages.

Pet Policy: We are pet friendly. Pets must be leashed and kept close to the humans they come with. Pets almost must be cool with other pets and people.

Growlers: We are currently NOT filling growlers.

Tours: We do not do brewery tours. Our space shows our entire brewhouse from where you can be. We have seven fermenters, one sour fermenter, one brite tank. It can all be seen. But we don't have an organized tour though. You are welcome to ask our team members about the brewery and they will help to the best of their knowledge.

Hosting Special Events: Please see PARTIES tab.

Music Inquiries: Please see CONTACT US tab.

Donations: There is a link to request a donation on our HOMEPAGE

Food Vendors: Please see CONTACT US tab.