Job: Sales and Marketing Manager Position

The Sales and Marketing Manager (SMM) at Shaidzon is involved in the leadership and execution of the outside sales and marketing of Shaidzon. The SMM adapts to run the brewery’s distribution and marketing to maximize Shaidzon’s sales. At Shaidzon, we strive to create a welcoming environment for customers of all backgrounds, and we recognize that our team plays a huge role in that.


  • Maximize Shaidzon’s total income through distribution sales and marketing
  • Sales
    • Maximize sales of Shaidzon in distribution through restaurants and retail stores
    • Set packaging splits for on-site and distribution based on their respective demand
    • Meet and exceed expectations for sales
    • Maintain and grow relationships with leadership and reps at our distributors
    • Maintain and grow relationships with restaurants and liquor stores
    • Maintain and update contact information for account contacts
    • Use our CRM as a valuable tool for maximizing sales and improving relationships
    • Plan, track, and report sales activities (ie. what accounts, what happened, etc.)
  • Marketing
    • Build marketing campaigns with SMART goals and defined objectives
    • Confirm retail stores and restaurant partners are hitting display expectations
    • Building, adding, and correcting when necessary
    • Conduct brand presentations, tastings and trainings to prepare staff at accounts
    • Use resources to improve the sales of Shaidzon at restaurants and retail locations
    • Utilize marketing budget and resources responsibly to promote brand awareness
    • Collect trends and sales information from accounts for planning for Shaidzon production
    • Photograph Shaidzon brands at accounts for promotional purposes
    • Organize, plan, and execute off site events
    • Attend (staff when necessary) and WOW! at off site events in representation of Shaidzon
    • Find out what works and apply it to Shaidzon’s marketing strategy
  • Administrative and Strategy Responsibilities
    • Work with the Production Team on the planning of the Shaidzon Calendar
    • Conduct reviews with ownership to discuss performance, address shortcomings and work on ways to improve outside sales performance
    • Be at distributor team meetings as frequently as possible
    • Meet monthly with distributor Brand Manager to evaluate and plan
    • Plan and lead meetings among the Shaidzon Team to address events, sales, strategies, shortcomings, and opportunities for improvement in outside selling
    • Set goals for the Shaidzon Team’s outside sales performance and marketing efforts
  • Be in photographs, videos, meetings for the promotion and benefit of the company

Requested within reason

  • Other duties as assigned. Additional duties will be considered for compensation changes based on expected time applied.